Laedana made its debut at Auto China 2020

Laedana made its debut at Auto China 2020

Laedana made its debut at Auto China 2020 2655 2052 Laedana - Smart possibilities, genuine sensations

Beijing, October 2020 – Laedana made its debut show at Auto China 2020, September 26 to October 5, the world’s most anticipated top international automotive show in 2020. Made for automotive interior finery, Laedana material, developed with one of the finest microfibers, combines performance and style and is 100% dedicated to automotive solution.

Showcasing the most brilliant exhibition in the supplier area, Laedana caught eyeballs of many world-famous brands as well as Chinese first-tiers, among them saw Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Geely, BAIC, Great Wall, Changan. With a French Touch and unique stylistic finishes thanks to its dozens-of-years knowhow in automotive and attention to details, Laedana’s infinite possibilities of customizations and adaptability can address cars in all applications.

The new material’s qualities of technology, lightness, sustainability and emotionality are in line with the auto show’s theme of “Intelligent Leading the Future”, observing New Life of Car as a key trend globally. Starting from the idea to replace animal leather, to free of heavy metal, to limitless customizations, Laedana is more-than-leather and forward-looking.

SGMW (SAIC-GM-Wuling), a Chinese joint-venture automobile manufacturer featuring Laedana silver grey in its new energy vehicle concept car Baojun E300 in Beijing auto show 2020.