More than leather

Nappa leather-like with no animal harm

Its unique structure gives Laedana the touch and the feel of a napa leather of the finest quality, yet with better technical performances. By combining one of the finest microfibers and a thin coated layer, Laedana is one product with nearly no limit. Elaborated without heavy metal, chlorine, or phthalate plasticizers and lighter than leather, it will be more than just an alternative. Its technical properties and outstanding mechanical resistance make it the perfect support for perforations and infinite customisations.

Supple & comfort

High strength

High efficiency & yield

Free of heavy metal

Light weight

Design & customization

Made for

Laedana is created for global automotive standard

Laedana combines high quality with adaptability making it ideal for every part of the vehicle. By adjusting the thickness, the density, the colours and the addition of bespoke aspects, Laedana is ideal for every part.



Steering Wheels

Steering wheel







Create your Laedana

Dedicated to the automotive interior Laedana offers infinite possibilities. By combining the colour and the grain of your choice you can make Laedana your very own product fitted to your needs. Added to this, there is a whole range of processes of customisation that can be realised, such as embroidery, laser engraving, embossing, stitching… These technologies open all you can imagine for your vehicle.

Create your own Laedana

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